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White House Demo: Accelo-Suit/Accelo-Randy

ONR Program Manger Dr. Timothy Bentley was selected to demo his Autonomous Casualty Evacuation program technologies to a VIP audience at the White House Demo Day on November 7th, 2023.

A PANTHER Accelo-Helmet was on display but the highlight of the demo was the TIGER hardware with PANTHER algorithms that can measure body position of a dummy or human using the Accelo-Hat and Accelo-Suit/Accelo-Randy.

The demo also included video and analysis of a a field test conducted in San Diego earlier this year. The field test showed the utility of the Accelo-hat and Accelo-Suit/Accelo-Randy for the development of Safe-Ride and Autonomous Casualty Evacuation technologies.

Congratulations to Brown Professor Haneesh Kesari and his group. The work of Yang, Masiur, Sayaka, Joseph, Ben, and Zhiren all contributed to this success.



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