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Publication: Block copolymer additives for toughening 3D printable epoxy resin

New PANTHER paper:

This is publication is form a collaboration between UW-Madison Profs Thevamaran & Gopalan and the work was supported through PANTHER 4 funding.

...the highly brittle nature of epoxy resins requires the use of large concentrations of toughening agents that pose significant challenges in meeting rheological requirements of 3D printing. We report a reactive brush-coil block copolymer with three distinct blocks that can phase separate and chemically crosslink with the base epoxy resin to form spherical aggregates. Detailed scanning electron microscopy imaging shows that these aggregates can arrest and deflect cracks during propagation and can synergistically strengthen (∼ 1.5×) and toughen (∼ 2×) the epoxy resin with even 1 wt% of the BCP additive to the base resin. Importantly, both the modulus and the glass transition temperatures are preserved.


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