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PANTHER Postdoc Joins University of Arizona faculty

Alex McGhee, PhD has joined the faculty at the University of Arizona in the College of Engineering, Biomedical Engineering


Dr. Alexander McGhee is an assistant professor in the department of biomedical engineering at the University of Arizona. His research focuses on the development of novel in-vitro models to study the fundamental mechanisms involved in immune mediated cancer treatments. Dr. McGhee earned his PhD at the University of Florida under the guidance of Dr. Peter Ifju and Dr. Greg Sawyer studying the 3D bioprinting, mechanics of soft materials, and in-situ immunoassay development for 3D cell culture platforms. His post-doc experience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison under Dr. Christian Franck allowed for the development of microfluidic platforms to preform injury of brain-like organoids with real-time readouts of the biochemical injury signature. These research interests have culminated in 14 peer-reviewed publications and three U.S. patents.



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