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MHSRS: Research for Readiness

PANTHER Program presents 4 posters at Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) August 21-22, Kissimmee, Fl

MHSRS-19-00314 - SESSION 1 - #228

Neural Cellular Response to Cavitation-inducing Directed Energy Hazards

Presentation Author: Dr. Christian Franck (Harry Cramer)

MHSRS-19-02156 - SESSION 1 - #683

Investigation of Cranial Strains and Strain Rates in a 3D Human Head Model during the Helmet Military Specification Test

Presentation Author: Dr. Chad Hovey

MHSRS-19-02150 - POSTER SESSION 2 - #434

Measuring Head Motion for TBI Detection and Prevention

Presentation Author: Mr. Ron Szalkowski

MHSRS-19-02143 - SESSION 2 - #518

Physics-based Neutralization of Threats to Human Tissues and Organs

Presentation Author: Dr. Stylianos Koumlis

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